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Pharmaceutical Printmats

See our state-of-the-art cloud flow system for ordering printmats. 

What we do

Flexi-Pharma provides image carriers for many Pharmaceutical printing applications. Blister Packaging, IV bags, and packaging labels are just a few examples. 

Blister Packaging Printmats

IV Bag Printing Plates

New Ideas
Solving Big Problems

Solving problems like pack-level label visibility, electronic document traceability, and order process security. With our integrated “cloud-based” order system, our customers have full access to their label art files while
leaving a digit footprint with all user activates.  

Why we are different

More than 20 years in the pharmaceutical packaging industry has shown me that controlled change can improve production security.
In that same 20 years, the graphic arts industry saw more rapid change than in the previous 100 year period. Moving quickly to the latest workflow process has historically not been a characteristic of the pharmaceutical process-controlled environment. Having experience in both the printing and image carrier production workflow processes, I see our job doesn’t stop when the printmat, cylinder, or rubber plate leaves our building.

Let me show you a secure user-friendly way to process printmat orders with greater visibility.

If you would like to see a quote on printmats or have any questions, please use the form below to contact me.